Maintenance and Security Policy

Supported Versions

The following versions are supported with security updates

Version Release date End of Standard Support End of Life
5.X 2023-03 2025-03 2026-03
4.X 2021-03 2023-03 2024-03
3.7.X 2022-04 2022-09 2023-09

Note: After End of Standard Support a release will only get security patches.

Dependencies support

RODA Java Apache Tomcat Apache Solr E-ARK IP
5.X Java 17 (LTS) Apache Tomcat 9 Apache Solr 9.X E-ARK IP 2.X-S1
4.X Java 8 (LTS) Apache Tomcat 8.5 Apache Solr 8.X2 E-ARK IP 2.X3
3.7.X Java 8 (LTS) Apache Tomcat 8.5 Apache Solr 7.7.3 (EOL) E-ARK IP 1.X

Reporting a Vulnerability

To report on a vulnerability, please use the github forms for vulnerability reporting:

After our security team assesses the reported vulnerability, you’ll be informed if it was accepted and how long it would take for a security fix.

  1. RODA 5 added support for URLs instead of files in E-ARK IP (S from Shallow). 

  2. RODA 4.4 upgraded from Solr 7 to 8 

  3. RODA 4.2 introduced E-ARK IP 2.X