Demonstration standalone deployment

RODA standalone deployment with a single-node Solr and Zookeeper services. It also includes additional support services for file format identification (Siegfried) and virus check (ClamAV). RODA is configured with a default index configuration of four (4) shards and one (1) replica per shard. This deployment is set to be run on http://localhost:8080, to change some alterations to the configuration will be required.

This is an example deployment and SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR PRODUCTION, due to security, performance and stability reasons. Please check RODA Enterprise for advice on how to go into production.


# Download the docker compose

# Start services:
docker compose up -d
## This may take a couple of minutes to initialize, specially the first startup
## If it takes too long, check the logs

# Check the logs (CTRL+C to escape)
docker compose logs -f --tail=100

When the services load, they should be available on the Web browser:

When finished, stop the services:

# Stop services:
docker compose down

Need help?

If you have any issue, check the community issues and discussion on Github. If you need professional services, check RODA Enterprise.