Documentation guide

All static text in RODA, which includes help pages, functionality description, and static html pages, are located under the [RODA_HOME]/example-config/theme/.

To update the existing content, you should copy the file you want to update from [RODA_HOME]/example-config/theme/ to [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/ and edit it in the destination folder.

Adding new help pages

To add new topics to the help menu, you need to copy the file [RODA_HOME]/example-config/theme/ (and all of its translation files, e.g. to [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/documentation.

Edit the new file in order to include a link to the new help topic to be created:

- (Link text)[]

After adding the new entry to the Table of Contents, a new Markdown file should be created and placed under the folder [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/documentation. The name of the new file should match the one indicated in the Table of Contents (i.e. in this example).

Editing HTML pages

Some HTML pages (or parts of pages) can be customized by changing the respective HTML page at [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/some_specific_page.html.

Page templates exist under [RODA_HOME]/example-config/theme/. These should be copied from their original location into [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/ as explained in the beginning of this article.

For example, the statistics page can be customized by changing the [RODA_HOME]/config/theme/Statistics.html file.