Edit descriptive metadata

You can edit descriptive metadata directly on the Intellection Entity browse page by clicking the button Edit.

If the descriptive metadata schema is supported (by default or on your configuration), then you can have a web form to edit the metadata. Information like the title will commonly be on the Title field.

You can also edit the XML directly, by clicking the Edit code and changing the raw XML.

When finished click SAVE.

Descriptive metadata type

You must define the descriptive metadata type, which defined the rules on how metadata is validated, indexed, viewed and edited. Descriptive metadata types have a name and a version, for example Encoded Archival Description (EAD) version 2002, Dublin Core version 2002-12-12.

You can add your own descriptive metadata types and their configuration to validate, index, view an edit with a form, for more information see Metadata formats.

Edit warnings

The metadata file generated by the form does not follow exactly the structure of the original file. Some data loss may occur.

When this warning appears on editing metadata, it means that when testing the configured form by extrapolating the field values from the original XML, re-generating the XML using the form template, and comparing it with the original, it was not a perfect fit. This may mean that information is lost, added, or has changed arrangement (e.g. order of fields).

If you wish to ensure the original XML is changed to your liking you can edit the XML directly (instruction above).

Edit validation

On saving the produced XML will be checked against the XML schema (if configured) or at least checked if the XML is well formed. Syntax errors will appear on top.


Metadata editions are versioned, you can list all past versions by clicking the Past versions.

You can browse the past versions on a dropdown menu, which has information about who made the change and when. You can also restore a past version by cliking REVERT, and remove a past version by clicking REMOVE.


You can download the descriptive metadata raw XML by clicking Download