NOTE: The information in this page is outdated. Please contact the project administrators for more information.

Format normalization policy

RODA supports any file format, but only has tools to automatically convert formats into preservation formats (normalization) to a limited set of file formats and object classes.

In this page you will find the default mapping between formats and object classes, and a table of recommendations for a normalization policy.

Default mapping of ingested formats into object classes

Class Format Identification (MIME, PRONOM, Extensions)
Text PDF application/pdf
fmt/14, fmt/15, fmt/16, fmt/17, fmt/18, fmt/19, fmt/20, fmt/276, fmt/95, fmt/354, fmt/476, fmt/477, fmt/478, fmt/479, fmt/480, fmt/481, fmt/493, fmt/144, fmt/145, fmt/146, fmt/147, fmt/148, fmt/157, fmt/488, fmt/489, fmt/490, fmt/491
Text Microsoft Word application/msword
fmt/40, fmt/609, fmt/39, x-fmt/2, x-fmt/129, x-fmt/273, x-fmt/274, x-fmt/275, x-fmt/276, fmt/37, fmt/38
Text Microsoft Word Open XML document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
Text Open Office Text application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text
x-fmt/3, fmt/136, fmt/290, fmt/291
Text Rich Text Format application/rtf
fmt/355, fmt/45, fmt/50, fmt/52 ,fmt/53
Text Plain Text text/plain
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint application/
x-fmt/88, fmt/125, fmt/126, fmt/181
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint Open XML document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation
Presentation Open Office Presentation application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation
fmt/138, fmt/292, fmt/293
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel application/
fmt/55, fmt/56, fmt/57, fmt/59, fmt/61, fmt/62
Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Open XML document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml
Spreadsheet Open Office Spreadsheet application/ vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet
fmt/137, fmt/294, fmt/295
Image TIFF image/tiff
fmt/152, x-fmt/399, x-fmt/388, x-fmt/387, fmt/155, fmt/353, fmt/154, fmt/153, fmt/156
.tiff .tif
Image JPEG image/jpeg
fmt/41, fmt/42, x-fmt/398, x-fmt/390, x-fmt/391, fmt/43, fmt/44, fmt/112
.jpeg .jpg
Image PNG image/png
Image BMP image/bmp
Image GIF image/gif
fmt/3, fmt/4
Image ICO image/ico
Image XPM image/xpm
Image TGA image/tga
Database1 DBML application/dbml
Database1 DBML+FILES application/dbml+octet-stream
.xml .bin
Audio Wave audio/wav
Audio MP3 audio/mpeg
Audio MP4 audio/mp4
Audio Flac audio/flac
Audio AIFF audio/aiff
.aif .aiff
Audio Ogg Vorbis audio/ogg
Audio Windows Media Audio audio/x-ms-wma
Video Mpeg 1 video/mpeg
.mpg .mpeg
Video Mpeg 2 video/mpeg2
.vob .mpv2 mp2v
Video Mpeg 4 video/mp4
Video Audio Video Interlave video/avi
Video Windows Media Video video/x-ms-wmv
Video Quicktime video/quicktime
.mov .qt
Vector Graphics Adobe Illustrator application/illustrator
x-fmt/20, fmt/419, fmt/420, fmt/422, fmt/423, fmt/557, fmt/558, fmt/559, fmt/560, fmt/561, fmt/562, fmt/563, fmt/564, fmt/565
Vector Graphics CorelDraw application/coreldraw
fmt/467, fmt/466, fmt/465, fmt/464, fmt/427, fmt/428, fmt/429, fmt/430, x-fmt/291, x-fmt/292, x-fmt/374, x-fmt/375, x-fmt/378, x-fmt/379, x-fmt/29
Vector Graphics Autocad image image/vnd.dwg
fmt/30, fmt/31, fmt/32, fmt/33, fmt/34, fmt/35, fmt/36, fmt/434, x-fmt/455, fmt/21, fmt/22, fmt/23, fmt/24, fmt/25, fmt/26, fmt/27, fmt/28, fmt/29, fmt/531
Email EML message/rfc822
Email Microsoft Outlook email application/
x-fmt/430, x-fmt/431
Class Format MIME Type Extensions Description
Text PDF/A application/pdf or text/plain2 .pdf PDF for archiving
Presentation PDF/A application/pdf .pdf PDF for archiving
Spreadsheet PDF/A application/pdf .pdf PDF for archiving
Image METS+TIFF image/mets+tiff .xml .tiff METS XML file with the structure and uncompressed TIFF images
Audio Wave audio/wav .wav Wave audio format
Video MPEG-2 video/mpeg2 .mpeg .mpg MPEG 2 video format, with DVD internal structure
Database SIARD 2   .siard Open format for archiving relational databases