Quick start

After installing, direct your browser to the correct IP address (this depends on your installation mode and used settings) and log in with the following credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: roda

With this you will have access to all features.

Then you can start using RODA:

  1. Go to Catalogue and click the button NEW, select Dublin Core and fill the title of your new collection.
  2. Go to Ingest > Transfer and upload files (e.g. PDF) or SIPs made by RODA-in. SIPs will have metadata while PDFs wont. To know how to use RODA-in watch the tutorials.
  3. After upload, select the SIPs or files to ingest on the checkbox and click the button PROCESS on the sidebar under the section Ingest.
  4. Now configure the ingest workflow, select the SIP format, if you upload a file select Uploaded file/folder, if you uploaded a SIP select the SIP format (E-ARK or Bagit).
  5. Under the Parent Object you can select the new collection you created above.
  6. After configuring ingest click the CREATE button.
  7. Now ingest will start and you can see the status of it at Ingest > Process, you can also inspect the status by clicking the table row.
  8. When finished you can go to Catalogue or Search to find your new ingested content.